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spray tan 150x150 Spray Tan TipsThere are many spray tan tips to follow that will help you learn more about the spray tanning industry or help you improve your spray tanning technique. Spray tanning has become increasingly popular as a do it yourself at home hobby. It is a great way to get friends together for a spray tan party and save alot of money from visiting the local salon.

The following spray tan tips will help you prepare yourself and your client to get the best possible spray tan:

  • Make sure your client shaves their legs or has their waxing done 24 hours before the spray tan.
  • Clients should shower and exfoliate thoroughly about 20-30 minutes prior to the spray tan.
  • Don’t put moisturiser, make up, perfume or deoderant on after a shower.
  • Make sure clients remove all jewelery.
  • You must stress to clients to wear very lose clothing and preferably black.
  • Once sprayed wait as long as possible before having a shower.
  • Inform your clients to be careful not to touch any water within the first 4 hours of receiving the tan.
  • Moisturise every morning and night after the tan.
  • Use gentle cleansers and soaps in the shower.
  • Dry yourself gently with your towel.
  • Tans should be avoided on a hot day.
  • Strenuous exercise should be avoided for as long as possible especially before your shower.
  • Avoid hot baths and showers.
  • Swimming regularly in chlorinated pools or salt water can rub off your tan a lot quicker.
  • Always wear sunscreen!
  • Your clients must fill in a client consultation form.
  • Make sure you have good ventilation in your spray tan room.
  • As the tanning therapist you should wear a mask.
  • Pregnant women in the first trimester should not be spray tanned.
  • Breast feeding mum’s should cover their nipples.
  • Clean your spray tanning room and equipment regularly.

Spray tan tips on how use the spray tan gun and machine correctly:

1. Hold the spray gun correctly. The first thing you want to try to get comfortable with is holding the spray gun. I hold it on the side only because with my spray tan machine (HVLP) more spray comes out on this angle. Try holding the gun in different positions until you find the right way to hold it for you there is no right or wrong way it is however you feel comfortable. The gun should be held approximately 30 cm away from the client. You can hold it closer if they have requested a really dark tan (I wouldn’t do this until you have mastered the technique).

2. Practice on cardboard paper first. I recommend using some cheap cardboard or newspaper to spray on and practice spraying straight down in an even line. Stick the paper to a wall and practice the spraying technique. This will help you get your gun setting right and your technique even.

3. Prepare the client for the tan. Have disposable g-sting, shower cap, sticky feet and moisturiser ready for the client when you take them into the room to get changed. Ask the client to moisturise their knees, elbows, ankles, palms of hands and nails. This will prevent the tan from getting into the creases of this area and it will stop over tanning this area.

4. Spray the client in the downward vertical motion. Only spray the client in the downward motion. Avoid spraying on the way up and down. Spray one neat line on the way down, bring the gun up without spraying and position the gun beside the line you have just made and then spray down neatly beside the line. This will prevent over spraying your client, leaving streaking patches and an uneven tan.

5. Position the client correctly throughout the spray tan. Ask client to step into tent ask them not to touch the tent throughout the tan because they could rub off their tan. If it is the client’s first tan make sure you clearly talk to the client as you go and tell them each position they need to stand in. The client should start facing you with arms relaxed out to the side and legs wide apart. You should work your way down their body. Before you start make sure you ask your client if they would like to be sprayed under their breasts and buttocks. Remember if you make a mistake and have over sprayed an area don’t rub the area, pat gently with a tissue and come back to the area to respray and blend if you need to.

a) Start with the face. Ask client to take a deep breath and proceed with 3 even light downward strokes with their head facing you. Tell them they can breathe again. Ask the client to turn their head to one side and spray 1 even stroke on the side of their face. Repeat on other side.

b) Spray the chest and stomach. Spray the chest and stomach in even strokes from the shoulder to underwear line, be sure to spray under their breasts. They will have to lift them up for you.

c) Spray the legs one at a time. Spray the top of the leg down to the ankle. Spray the knee area very lightly ask the client to bend their knees this will pull the skin tight. Repeat on other leg. Ask client to turn their leg in so you can spray the inner thigh. Hold the spray gun further away at least 60cm and spray the feet lightly.

d) Ask client to turn to the left side and lift their arm straight up. Spray from under the arm to underwear line. Make sure their arm is straight and spray while it is in the air. Ask client to slowly move their arm down (not touching their skin) and turn it so the elbow is to the roof. Spray from the shoulder to the wrist. Ask client to turn their arm slight and spray their arm again from shoulder to wrist (make sure the top of the shoulders are sprayed). Don’t overspray the inside of the arm as the sun doesn’t see this area. Ask client to grip their hand tightly so their knuckles are bent (in a claw position- this allows the tan not to overspray) hold the gun further away at least 60cm and spray the hand lightly. Spray the leg from underwear to ankle joining the section that has been sprayed.

e) Spray the back of the body. Ask client to stand with their legs wide apart. Spray from the shoulders to underwear line, make sure you spray the neck. Ask client to bend forward at the waist this will tighten the skin under the buttocks (if they don’t bend they will end up with white lines under their buttocks). Spray under the buttocks down to the ankle.

f) Repeat step d) on the right side.

6. Apply a second coat if needed. It’s a good idea to repeat steps a-f spraying quickly to make sure you haven’t missed any areas. This will allow you to double check the tan and evenly blend the tan.

7. Drying time. Ask client to remove their shower cap and check if there is a white line around hairline. You can fix this with a bit of solution on a sponge. It is a good idea to have a clean sponge available. Remove moisturiser from palms of hand and nails if necessary. There might be excess solution on body hair this will dry with the air from your spray tan machine. Dry the clients back with the air from your HVLP (in winter it’s a good idea to have an extra heater and in summer a portable fan to help the drying process). You can help your client dry the rest of their body although usually they like to dry themselves at this point especially if they are embarrassed. I always allow the client to dry themselves for at least 5 minutes or until they don’t feel too sticky. They may still feel sticky when they walk out this will depend on what type of solution you are using some dry quicker than others.

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