Makeup Training – Introduction

8 09 2011 8 57 01 AM 150x150 TutorialsMakeup Training for Beginners. Here are the list of videos that explain how to apply Makeup in Simple, Step by Step Instructions that are easy to follow. continue reading…




How To Apply Simple Eye Makeup

iStock 000009353917XSmall 21 150x150 TutorialsThis is a Christian Dior Fashion week inspired look. In this tutorial I will show you how to simply apply eye makeup!

To check out the Christian Dior look click here.

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How To Easily Apply Blush

25 05 2011 10 21 17 AM2 150x150 TutorialsHighlight the best features of your face. Remember not to apply too much, always apply less and you can add more. Play around with different colours until you find the right colour that suits your skin tone!

  1. Use the right brush – it should be an angled bronzer/blush brush – I use Sigma Brushes.
  2. Apply your highlight to your cheek bones – make a fishy face and apply to the cheek bone. This can be blush, white, light colours, shimmery pink. I have used mineral Shy Girl Mineral Blushcontinue reading.

How To Be Healthy

energy 150x150 TutorialsIt’s so important to know how to eat a healthy and so you can experience the benefits of eating healthy. Eat healthy, nutritious foods and have an energetic, fulfilling and well balanced lifestyle to enjoy the life you love. The photo to the left is how I feel every single day and I want to inspire others to feel this way!

I rarely ever get sick, in fact I can’t even… continue reading

Spring Makeup Tutorial

P1010072 150x150 TutorialsThe weather is warming up and I am inspired to bring you a natural spring smokey eye purple make up look. This is a perfect, soft everyday look for work or any occasion. Braids are in for your hair this spring so wear lots of braids in your hair!

Products Used:

Brushes used from Sigma Brush Pack – Sigma continue reading.

How To Apply Natural Smokey Eye

black smokey eye look 150x150 TutorialsThis is a very natural smokey eye, perfect for everyday wear and in the daytime as its not too dramatic. Can use technique to make a more dramatic look!

Products Used:

Foundation- MAC Studio Fix and Nude By Nature Medium Shade and Veil

Bronzer – Nude By Nature Bronzercontinue reading

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

iStock 000001599253XSmall 2 150x150 TutorialsDark circles under the eyes can be frustrating for sufferers as it can make you look older and tired. Good news is – there are a number of ways that you can make dark circles disappear.

These dark circles are actually hyper-pigmented areas that make that spot under your eye look darker than the skin that surrounds it. Shadows may appear in the hollows underneath your eyes due to your bone structure or these develop as you age and your skin gets thinner…. continue reading.

The A to Z of Healthy Skincare Report

iStock 000007978358XSmall 21 150x150 TutorialsThe A to Z skincare report is your complete guide on how to have and maintain healthy skin!

Antioxidants are so important in keeping our skin youthful. They protect us against free radicals which is what gives us wrinkles such as the sun, harmful environment, poor diet and smoking. Free radicals set up to damage healthy skin cells. Make sure your skin care is rich in antioxidants to protect your skin and keep a youthful appearance.

BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). Further research into what causes our skin to age the  continue reading.

Steps I Took To Permanently Get Rid Of Acne

clear skin 150x150 TutorialsAcne is a horrible skin condition to have to deal with. I have dealt with the pain of having acne for 10 years and being a beauty therapist I tried everything. Now I want to help others get rid of their acne too. Follow these steps and you will see a reduction in  your acne. Remember to give it at least 3 months to notice a result.

1. Use a glycolic skincare range that contains AHAs/BHAs. The products I used in ASAP:… continue reading


How To Apply MAC Foundation with a brush

25 05 2011 10 21 17 AM 150x150 TutorialsHow you can easily apply MAC Foundation with a brush from the comfort of your own home. As I always say makeup is about blending. Blend, blend, blend… your foundation until you can’t see any foundation on your face. Your foundation should match the colour of your face. As you can see in the video I have used a darker colour foundation than my natural skin colour. So you can see how it is applied and because this is my summer foundation when I have a tan. Always do your neck, ears and blend right down to your chest! …continue reading

How To Shape & Define Eyebrows


17 05 2011 3 56 29 PM 150x150 Tutorials

In this tutorial you will learn how to shape eyebrows. In the video I have gone through the step by step process of how to shape eyebrows from the comfort of your own home. This is the equipment you will need:

Top 7 Beauty Products

giveaway pic 150x150 TutorialsThe Top 7 Beauty Products that I can’t live without… continue reading.

1. ASAP Daily Exfoliating Scrub: I  use this scrub every morning to get rid of dead skin and acne scaring. My skin feels supple, smooth and fresh! Great way to start the day.

2. ASAP Daily Sunscreen: I wear a moisturiser with a 30+ everyday as the sun is the number 1 aging factor. It is so important to have a moisturiser with a sunscreen to protect our skin. This one has anti-aging ingredients just as a bonus….continue reading.

How To Apply Eyelash Extensions Yourself

tape on bottom lashes 150x150 TutorialsThis tutorial will help you learn how to apply individual eyelash extensions yourself. Applying eyelashes can be easily done from the comfort of your own home. You can learn it to apply on your friend or family and save money instead of going to the salon regularly. You will need to purchase an eyelash extension kit so you have all the tools or you can purchase the eyelash extensions, glue and surgical tape to get started straight away. This is a short version of the procedure taken from my ‘DIY Eyelash Extension eBook’….continue reading.

Makeup Brushes – Which One Do You Need?

iStock 000006535180Small 4 150x150 TutorialsIf you have ever seen how many brushes a makeup artist has, I’m sure you have already thought of how much you need for yourself. Good news – you don’t need them all. What you need depends on what you need to enhance with makeup. You don’t need an eyebrow brush if yours is tame. Have you always put on makeup directly from the container? Then you probably have not experienced using applicator brushes. A lot of women apply lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and face powder directly from the tube or pot…. continue reading.

How To Choose The Right Skin Care Products…

asap 150x150 TutorialsYour skin is the largest organ of the human body. The main purpose of your skin is to safeguard your body from foreign agents. The skin is the first line of security against illness and infection. It is also the skin that provides us protection against the sun. Nevertheless, it is also the skin that first tells the effects of aging. Skin diseases such as psoriasis or dermatitis can be annoying and make our lives miserable. While we never desired things like wrinkle creams or lotions when we were younger…. continue reading.


What Ingredients Do Your Wrinkle Correctors Have?

eyesential video 150x150 TutorialsHave you been using wrinkle correctors for quite some time now but just discovered that it’s ineffective? A lot of women continually get disappointed. If you are one of them, then read on. The answer to your problem might just be here. Finding the best anti-wrinkle cream takes a lot to consider. However, do not be wary. Knowing the specific ingredients is the key for things to be a lot easier…. continue reading.



How To Choose The Best Spray Tanning Equipment…

turbo tan small 150x150 TutorialsWhen starting your own spray tanning business it is so important to have the good quality equipment suitable to the type of business you want to operate. It is important to purchase your equipment off a legitimate supplier who offers a warranty or guarantee. Let’s investigate the different types of equipment you will need for your spray tanning business:… continue reading.



Learn How To Spray Tan From The Professionals…

iStock 000014669547Small 2 150x150 TutorialsThe spray tan industry has grown rapidly in the past 5 years as they are a healthy alternative to sun baking and solariums, spray tans are becoming available in salons everywhere. Anyone can learn how to spray tan as there is not a specific regulation in the spray tanning industry and you don’t need a trade certificate – you can start learning how easy it is to spray tan is today. It is important that you know as much as you can about the Spray Tan Industry before you get learn how to spray tan or start a spray tanning business… continue reading.


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